About Us

  • Company Overview
    1. AT Management and Consulting Inc. manages properties to the highest standard in a professional, diligent and ethical way, protecting and enhancing its value. We are uniquely qualified to manage your condo condominium corporation’s property. We are a top property management company in the Greator Toronto Area (GTA).

      The Condominium world is changing: Boards are better educated and increasingly aware of their duties. They are demanding better, more experienced and responsive management for their communities. Owners are demanding value-added services, clear communication and increased response times from their Boards. Management must have experience to be able to keep a clear perspective and meet the needs of both the Boards and the Owners. Management must innovate their processes to continually offer better services. Management must find ways to pass on their collective experience and knowledge. Management must always find ways to deliver the expected level of services to Owners and Boards.
  • Things Are Always Changing
    1. AT Management and Consulting Inc. follows all prescribed forms and compliance procedures as per the Condo Act. We respect the Condo Act and are ready and willing to embrace new changes.

      Licensed Condominium Manager C.M.R.A.O (0007148487-TGL). Licensed Condominium Management Provider C.M.R.A.O (0019681166-CMP). Member of the Canadian Condominium Institute Toronto and Area Chapter ID (17395). The CMRAO is a regulatory body created through provincial legislation. They provide oversight and protects consumers, strengthens the profession and gives condo owners the confidence in their management company that manages their important investment.